Tired but sleepless

I can’t sleep… even though I’m tired.. I’ve been helping out in the church christmas play and have been working long hours trying to sort out the AV Section – PA, video, computer, lights, you name it. I’m basically all tired out. But I can’t sleep… I’ve got a slight stomach ache which is bothering me, which is keeping me from falling asleep. Must be the food I ate just now…

Yup, so practices have been going crazy… Especially with the ‘chief’ EktoHamz/EktoBunny/Ionstorm/whatever his nickname is at the moment, well, Ewe Jin who is MIA at the moment. And he’s the one who knows the system best, and takes this time to disappear. It’s not his fault.. but when he’s away we all start missing him (especially when things start going wrong!)

Holidays are already half over for me, I’m not really looking forward to the exams in January, although it would be nice to get back to the music block…

I need a better piano to practice on over here.. I can’t be bothered to get anything new, because I’d hardly be around to practice it. But, ugh, the bottom notes are so soft & mellow while the upper notes are loud & hard. It’s so uneven! Oh well.

Well, long practice later today. Hope everything goes well… I might even stream the practice online! (heh, not for public viewing though, you want that, you have to wait until Christmas day!)

So.. busy busy. Should I put up the (fake!) Christmas Tree?

I just love Ravel’s Piano Trio, especially played through AudioTechnica ATH-M40fs headphones!

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