Blessed Christmas

Christmas day was a long long day, as well as the day before that. Hours were spent in rehearsals for the christmas play, long and tiring hours. Didn’t get enough sleep, and didn’t even have time to put up any christmas decorations at all.

However, the play went fine… with me doing PA. EJ messed with some delay settings which, (ARGH) caused me some feedback problems which I’d never faced before, luckily they weren’t terribly bad and later subsided (when EJ reduced the amount he changed it). Of course, as most things go, not many (did any?) people notice the A/V department as long as a good job is done…

Got back home and fell asleep… And had christmas dinner later on.

This year.. well, I didn’t get a single present.. well.. strictly speaking, no packed/wrapped gifts.. Just something from my aunts, an (interesting) christmas card, and I guess, a shared packet of hersheys and some mini ice cream thingy… That’s about it. I don’t actually remember whether anyone wished me any christmas greetings.. Oh well.. It didn’t even seem much like christmas this year, with everything being so busy..

It’s a week before I go back. So fast!

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