Week’s Happenings

Luckily I could access my sites other ways, but I couldn’t be bothered to give an update until now (too tired, too busy). Probably this post is more for memories than for you to read, unless you are particularly bored.

The whole school has been falling ill. Tons of missing people these days. I haven’t caught the bug yet, hopefully I won’t.

So, January has past and February is come. Time has pretty much flown by for me since coming back, it’s like I just got back and already it’s halfterm. Both a good sign and a bad sign. I can’t believe I only have 1.5 terms left here. In some ways I’ll be glad when it’s all over, but there are also many things now that I shall miss.

Monday and Tuesday consisted of Music Scholarship Auditions in the music block. Kind of reminds me of my audition two years back, when I played D. Kabalevsky’s Piano Sonata in F and got stopped even before I finished the 1st movement! Yes, Mr. Barker jokes that he couldn’t be bothered to listen anymore and so on. Perhaps Mr. Charles is regretting the decision to bring me here – I bother him with the same music every day and he (says) that he gets tired of my playing. Hah. We tried to ‘tidy’ up the Music block to whatever extent we could.

Had 2 lectures on Tuesday, one after the other. One on alcohol, one on drugs. How interesting. Really. The lectures were actually quite interesting – they didn’t speak on the ‘normal’ stuff, if a norm can be defined. And interesting when the person speaking on drugs asked the question “How many of you have taken illegal drugs” and a few people actually raised their hands.

Wednesday was pretty normal, had lessons, games, piano lesson. Piano Trio was canceled, instead just socialised with a couple of people and ended up being ‘dragged’ out to supper/dinner with Laura Hammonds, Nick Morrish, and Saffron Rarity (All cellists, is there a connection here??). Talked about the new music block being constructed, and out of us all I would be the only one who would not be able to enjoy the new block.

Thursday was a busy day – started off with Brass Group, with me not able to play properly, and then I went through harmonizing a Bach Chorale – which at first seemed pretty boring, but in the end things started to fall in place. Ended up having tons of suspensions, was wondering whether to be adventurous with the tenors, but decided not to. Had a practice with Ellen and Edwin before lunch for int’ll supper (on friday) – had to accompany both of them in different items – one some chinese song and with Edwin a chinese piece for French Horn + Piano (which was a challenge to sight read, not because of the notes, but because the score was handwritten and almost illegible. Followed by Millfield Trio+1 practice (whatever the group is called now). Was dragged out to lunch (what’s this, why do people think I’m not eating lunch??) by Katy Hebditch and Laura, both who said I’d shrivel up and die if I didn’t eat, something like that. How enlightening. Had Handel’s Messiah practice later – tried to sing tenor, but it was too high – ended up singing both tenor and bass where applicable. Ended the day by going out to the pub opposite school (In a pub first time in my life, I think) because Mr. Mylne (my houseparent) wanted to take the Upper 6 out… it was not too bad actually, perhaps a little boring (people talking about things I don’t know).

Friday – Tried to learn more about jazz music in music class (which both me and my teacher are trying to figure out). Got dragged out to lunch yet again (what’s happening???) with Amelia Dowsett, Clarice Rarity, Laura and Saffron… ended up late for chamber choir (well, actually JUST on time) Wonder what Mr. Charles thought – I normally set up for choir. Int’ll dinner at night – and I was asked by someone to accompany them that night (what?! The item would be on at night and we hadn’t rehearsed once, I hadn’t even seen the score!) and I agreed anyhow. Orchestra was canceled because not enough people were around (??), gave me a chance to practice for Int’ll supper, which in the end turned out fine. Played for 3 items, made about 50 mistakes (reasonable).

And today, Saturday. Probably too many meals in the past day. I skipped every single meal today (although I had 2 muffins from St. Cecelia Singers practice and another later on in the day). I’m really tired. Too many late nights (that means anything later than 10pm!). Hopefully there won’t be any night-time events next week. I need some rest, and I’m on house prefect duty tonight, which means I’ll be up until 10.30 earliest. How fun.

Other random things –

– a piano with a broken hammer and another with a dislocated hammer. Someone ripped out the hammer, how could they???? It’s just outrageous! And the closest source for those hammers (and furthest) is Japan! Pianos have been going out of tune all over the place.

– There was a gathering of birds in the pond outside the boarding houses. A goose, about 5 seagulls, 2 ducks, something which had long legs, I don’t know what. Couldn’t have been a flamingo, I think. (Obviously not).

– 2 cold days. Probably the cold they were talking about, just hit us these two days. Went down right to -3 degrees, with wind chill -8, apparently. It tried to snow, but only a few flakes came down in the end. Clouds not ready to snow, unfortunately.

– Percussion Group ‘deserted’ me. They all went to wells cathedral school and left me behind. Okay okay, I’m only their rehearsal pianist.

– Happy (Belated) Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai Le… Ang Pow na lai.. Woof!

– Learning Special Relativity in Physics now. How interesting. Not that it’s that hard, but it’s interesting. And we’re doing Mech 3 in applied maths now – movement in a straight line with variable forces. Stuff like F = mv(dv/dx), F = m(dv/dt), resulting in joyous differential equations to solve… And half the class doesn’t want to do Mech 3… Just finished Maclaurin Series and Hyperbolics in Pure, moved on to Rational Functions now.. such as sketching y = (x^2-x-2)/(x^2-4x+3) . Not too hard, but interesting results.

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  1. what do you mean you didnt eat anything more than a muffin?!!!! HOONG YOU WILL SHRIVEL UP AND DIE OF ANOREXIA!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

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