It’s Halfterm Break!!

It seems yesterday that I was helping out in the Christmas production – and already it’s halfterm break over here. I can’t believe that I only have 1.5 terms left in UK. These 2 years have passed pretty weirdly (The first year passing quite slowly, the second year, so far, passing like lightning).

The past week passed pretty quickly. Monday marked the lack of percussion group – I’m basically not needed there anymore, so I have been “thrown out”. Well, in a manner of speaking. I don’t really play percussion anyway (not counting the triangle back in Ann P. music studios, and the timpani&glock in Millfield’s 70 not out play/musical), so that’s not much of a suprise.

I wasn’t really planning to do anything big on Thursday, but I decided to bring my recording equipment & laptop up to school (since I have a long music tech session on Thursday). Once bringing it up, I realised that Katy Hebditch (BBC Young Musician Semi-Finalist, congrats) was giving a recital, so I thought, why don’t I record it? So, (with some reluctance from Katy) I recorded her lunchtime recital (Drums and marimba). And after she heard the recording, now she wants to do more (So much for not wanting it recorded!). I was testing out a pair of matched AKG C451B pencil condensers in ORTF setup for the recording, and it came out pretty well, given the circumstances. Can’t post my recordings though, at least not at the moment.

Also tried out singing the tenor part of Handel’s Messiah in Thursday Night’s practice (Along with George Dye and Alex Neville-Payne, both part of the top basses in Millfield). Imagine basses trying to sing a PROPER tenor part. I started out able to reach the “F#” above “middle C”, halfway through I could only reach an “E” and by the end I could only get out a “D”. It was TIRING.

Friday – last day of term. Started it out with a rehearsal with Frances Feng, cellist. Just sightread the piano part horribly, probably (Laura, I’m not a Mr. Barker replicant, sorry to inform you. His sightreading is just way better than mine). Had lessons, and then set up chairs for chamber choir last time for the halfterm. My voice wasn’t that great, probably from the Messiah practice (and to come, a sorethroat ready to pounce). Got an evil looking harpsichord part for Millfield Trio (composed by Katy for GCSE music). Evil part indeed – almost impossible to play! Skipped Physics to go back to house (stomach wasn’t good) and finally it was off in the bus to London for halfterm.

Fell ill within half and hour of boarding the bus. I had been (subconsciously??) fighting not to fall ill during term time (everyone was falling ill) … looks like I gave in and fell ill right after term. Although I’m suspicious that it was actually food poisoning. But I’m better now, at least. Had a fever two nights ago, and my throat is still painful. Oh well.

So it’s halfterm.

It’s so simple writing about these things. Anything else interesting to write about?

7 thoughts on “It’s Halfterm Break!!”

  1. oi oi oi you have no permission to publish recordings of me on ur site, you are not allowed to. cheers by the way.

  2. oh yer, and its not THAT evil… sorry though. and you weren’t thrown out of perc grp as you put it, we’re just too good for you…. yer. we wish… like that would EVER happen.
    katy (again)

  3. and i cant believe you didnt go to the chalice ensemble concert, the franck was amazing….
    rite im going now….

  4. Hehe… that’s why I said I can’t post a recording of it..
    It’s EVIL!!! EVVVIILLLL!!!! Hehe.. okay okay it’s not that bad actually. but ‘interesting’. Yes… I should have gone for the concert.. but I didn’t. Gah.

  5. we MUST have gotten it right, since our post was not lost, but appeared. unless of course, we DON’T even need to get it right to get past your anti spam hahah.

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