Site Update

– Removed the Review category. Seems to be lifeless – haven’t ever been bothered to write any review yet, if I ever feel like writing one (or if anyone else feels like writing on to be put here, heh), I may bring it back. But for now it’s gone.

– Had some problem finding out who has been commenting and so on. Solution – now, if you look at the sidebar, there’s a column marked “Recent Comments”. I don’t really think it needs much explaining – it’s pretty much self-explanatory.

– One or two small security measures. I check my server logs daily and see about, on average, 10-11 attacks on the server every day. Good that I know those attacks are being blocked, however, if someone got through, they wouldn’t really be on the logs, would they??

– Wondering whether to put a ‘captcha’ on commenting. Basically those images that you have to extract the word/numbers from and type it as a code. I’m not really for it at the moment though – it would the prevent people who don’t load images from commenting.

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