Back to school

Back at school now… This halfterm break was actually a bit boring… there wasn’t that much to do – ended up just practising whenever I could and spending the rest of the time online..

The thing was that I missed the music block…. my music groups, my friends, the instruments (steinway & harpsichord). As well as missing setting up for chamber choir.

Fixed up a network of 4 computers for someone, as a reward they gave me a decent helping of jelly beans, of all things… I could not see myself finishing it, as well as it being bad for me.. So I took it into the music block today and they got guzzled up (esp. Laura? And having jelly beans for supper??). Apparently there were some really weird flavours as well, I don’t know. I had ONE jelly bean and that was it.

So it’s back to school life – one and a half terms to go before my time at millfield is over. I don’t really feel like leaving, actually… This year has been better so far, and I’m also going to be missing the new music block next year. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back and visit and check out the new concert hall and steinway concert grand!

Hmm. I’m getting back home on 1st April, apparently on the same flight as U. Tony Teh & Family (my guardian). Should be interesting.

All the best to Katy Hebditch who is playing in the BBC Young Musician of the Year SemiFinals tomorrow. You’d better win, you have a good chance of doing so! Or at least do your best!

Anyway to those who still visit my site, thanks for doing so and God bless you…

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