Millfield Chamber Music Concert ’06

Of course, it’s mainly just about the concert from my perspective.

I played in 3 groups – brass group, Trio+1 and Piano Trio.

On Thursday, we had Trio+1 practice, and we practised Quantz’s Trio Sonata for Flute, Treble Recorder and continuo. We’d done the 1st movement before, but we wanted to do the whole thing (3 movements) so we rehearsed the other 2 movements (which me and Laura [cello] were basically still sight-reading). Mr. Sheills went to ask Mr. Charles whether we could perform the entire sonata, but Mr. Charles said no. So after the rehearsal, the four of us went into his room, begged him to let us play the whole thing. Guess what? He let us! Nothing comes free though – he only let us after he made us all get down on our knees and beg him, while he took pictures of us!

So Friday was concert day. Took the school minibus down to street parish church, after which I realised that I left my music in the bus! (Too busy carrying other things). Luckily I managed to get it after a while. Had short rehearsals, we didn’t have time to rehearse Trio+1, which was not a good feeling, since we’d only reahearsed the thing ONCE! We hadn’t even worked out where we were placed.

Started out with brass group. My trombone was okay, except playing a little bit too loud at one point.

Next round I was on was Trio+1. After moving the horrible Young Chang piano into position and placing ourselves, we started off. 1st movement went, 2nd movement went. And then…. the 3rd movement. I was responsible for starting off the 3rd movement, and the previous day I was told to start it ‘before the audience can take a breath’. Unfortunately, I don’t think Katy Hebditch (recorder) and Amelia Dowsett (flute), who were not part of the audience had even time to take a breath themselves! Oops – I started it too quickly! 2 bars in, I heard music falling to the floor, because they did not have time to turn the page! Oh well. Somehow or other they managed to get going, besides dying of lack of breath (Thanks to me? hehe). I can’t really remember what actually happened there. But we got a ‘bravo’ from someone in the audience! And too bad there wasn’t a harpsichord I could use instead of that disgusting piano.

And then the ravel piano trio (1st movement). Besides all 3 of us going out of time (once because of me, oops), it was really interesting. Someone had SABOTAGED the piano! Left a pen lying on the bottom A of the piano (which, though not used in many pieces, happens to be the LOUDEST note of this entire piece when I play it). Saw it about a hundredth of a second before the note came, as my hand was moving towards it. Nothing much I could do about it though. Hit the note – pen went flying up… and fell straight BACK onto the note! Had to swipe it off the piano a few bars later (because the note comes back).

And that was the end of the Chamber Music Concert.

And tomorrow – National Chamber Competition – shall be out the whole day.

Oh yes… forgot to mention. Well done to Katy who came runner up in the BBC Young Musician of the Year, a tremendous achievement!

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