Save your ears!

How many hours of music do you listen to a day? At what volume level? And when was the last time you tested your ears?

The human’s hearing range is (theoritically) 20Hz – 20,000Hz. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. About 2 years back, I would be able to hear up to about 19kHz. A year back, 18kHz. And I just tested myself again, and I can still hear 18kHz, but realistically, only about 17.6kHz. Granted, I did not test it with the same speakers/headphones, but it probably has dropped a bit. As you get older, the threshold will decrease even more, most adults would only be able to hear up to about 15kHz.

So what’s the big deal? Here it is – Once you’ve lost the ability to hear that range, there’s no getting it back! It’s gone FOREVER. If you think you’re invincible to this damage, don’t be too sure!

Any sound above 85dB SPL is considered ‘dangerous’. Listening to 85dB for 8hrs a day will start to cause hearing damage. 88dB – 4hrs per day max. 91dB – 2hrs. 94dB – 1 hr. The time halves for every 3dB increase. Up to 115dB, which you can only listen to continuosly for 15 seconds before damage starts to occur.

Think about all those rock concerts you go to, and guess what’s the average sound level of a concert of that type? 115dB!! Which means that you might very likely get ear damage within FIFTEEN seconds of being in a rock concert! Now that’s scary.

Other things –

– Wearing those earphones outdoors while walking about – you’ll probably crank up the volume to about 100dBs without realising it. And listening for more than 15 minutes is all that’s required to cause damage.

– Listening to music while doing exercise may not be so smart as well. Exercise diverts blood from the ears to the limbs, which makes your ears more vulnerable to damage.

Of course, we all tend to raise the volume when using headphones/earphones. So be careful!

I didn’t want to, nor do I plan to write a technical and long article on the dangers of ear damage et cetera. I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of the dangers and take action! Nowadays young people are carrying around old people’s ears, and we should do something to prevent that.

Turn down the music, carry around earplugs, and keep your ears safe!

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