Spammers and antispam

I’ve just been getting about 20 comments of absolute rubbish, random generated characters posted. A typical comment would look like “woiejfenkvs eifjzjoeihw”. It was just driving me mad.

So now, if you’ve noticed, there is a test that you have to take while posting comments – you have to answer the maths question! I decided against those images where you have to figure out what they say – because images require more bandwidth, and not everyone can view images. The maths question is just text-based, everyone should be able to read it, and I do hope that everyone will be able to answer it. I hope it works, anyway.

And yes, I’m also wondering how long to keep this site running…

2 thoughts on “Spammers and antispam”

  1. Lol! Anti-spam huh. Hahaha… i tried getting it wrong, and a page appeared saying “sorry, but it seems you didn’t pass your maths” or something liddet… hahaha… ok ok i’ll get it right this time 😉

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