Handel’s Messiah and others

It’s one thing singing in a school chamber choir in an end of term concert, while it’s another thing to be singing in a 250 member choir with an orchestra in the middle of a huge cathedral.

That’s exactly what it was last tuesday. Singing Handel’s Messiah in Wells Cathedral with the school choir of 250 members, with an orchestra and an audience of a thousand.

Especially with a bass trying to sing the tenor part.

We have been rehearsing the work since last term, and I noticed (quite obviously) that the tenors were having trouble keeping their part, so me and George Dye decided to depart the (strong) bass section and venture into the tenor section. Mind you, it’s not easy screeching out those top A’s. Even the G is hard enough.

So on tuesday it was a 3hr rehearsal from 1.30 to 4.30pm, with the orchestra playing (first time they play together is the day of the concert), where we lost about 20% of our voices.

Got back to school for a short interval (Got dragged to supper), and it was back to Wells for the performance. It was awesome singing it in the cathedral, especially the last chorus (Worthy is the Lamb) – the way the chord just reverberates throughout the huge building is impressive.

Well, that was it, actually.

Other developments – Mid Somerset Festival in the City of Bath today – shall comment on it another time ; National Chamber Music Competition Finals tomorrow, and my finger is bleeding slightly (and painful) from too much piano, I wonder how Ravel Piano Trio sounds with a painful finger.

I think I have put on a bit of weight this week. Besides my breakfasts’ every day, I got dragged to supper on Monday & Tuesday, as well as Trio+1 lunch on Thursday (Mr. Rhind-Tutt forced me to go to lunch instead of doing work). As well as 4 pieces of toast yesterday night. That adds up to an ‘equivalent’ of 11 meals this week, 2 more than normal.

3 thoughts on “Handel’s Messiah and others”

  1. you mean your teacher forced you to go to lunch instead of doing work?? man… i want that kind of teacher… hahaha… =p

  2. Yup he forced me to go (Well, also 3 others – the trio+1 dragged me along). Not sure whether you want that kind of teacher.. might become fat (He told me he wants me as ‘fat’ as him)

  3. Hahaha… you’re right, i wouldn’t want to become fat haha… but i mean, it’s cool that ur teacher doesn’t want you to work work work all the time… =)

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