Internet Filtering blocked blocked
BBC radio blocked
Lowyat forum blocked

They say they block things which parents deem inappropriate for their children to view online. Now, I’m just a bit puzzled. Here’s a list of SOME of the things which are blocked

– Blogs ( [blogspot], blogdrive, xanga, MSN spaces, etc etc)
– Chat (Msn, except at certain hours, tagboxes/shoutboxes, IRC, chat sites)
– Email (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc)
– Forums (lowyat, diyaudio, etc)
– Game Sites
– Freeware/Shareware sites (sites offering software downloads)
– P2P (Bittorrent, kazaa, etc)
– Loopholes (Google cache, proxies, anonymizers, net2ftp, etc)
– Radio/Internet TV
– Media Downloads (midi files, mp3 files, ogg vorbis, wav, etc)
– Executables (exe, bat, scr, bin etc)
– Compressed (Zip files, RAR files, 7zip, CAB, etc)

And a lot more. Can’t really be bothered to think up what else they block.

So if I don’t read people’s blogs, don’t blame me, okay? Hehe.

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