So… last tuesday I didn’t have lunch. And I ended up literally being ‘dragged’ down to Sly’s, the shop at the corner of the school by 3 of my friends, got my books ripped out of my hands so that they could be filled instead with food… which I was then forced to eat.

And then *someone* telling Mr. Rhind Tutt that I (surreptitiously) had put back the packet of crisps that he had gave me instead of eating it. Result? Got “scolded” haha.. and told to go to meals.

And today he refused to let me continue to do my music tech work until I had lunch, and even found 2 other people to ‘drag’ me to lunch again.

Wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow…

Bleh. Doesn’t help that I’ve been missing the past few games sessions , until my legs ached the last round I ran 2km..


No wonder I’ve put on a bit of weight. Bleh.

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