Recording Project

The project was for my music tech A level coursework. A few tracks had already been laid down, and the backing vocals needed to be recorded next. So – shoo everyone out of the rehearsal room, set up some equipment, find 13 (lousy) headphones and lay them out for people to wear – press the record button and let them sing!

Mics are AKG C414B-ULS large diaphragm condensers mounted in ORTF connected to an E-MU 1616M audio interface.

Pictures of the entire group. Click to enlarge.

Backing Vox 1

Backing Vox 2

And a picture of some of the gear. (Ignore the person in the picture)

Audio Gear


  1. ionStorm says:

    oOoo...person in picture looks quite blazer, slacks and proper shoes! Why don't you wear that for our events HAH?! 😛

  2. Hoong Ern says:

    We have to wear that everyday over here....

    Besides, it's too warm to wear that in M'sia!
    Oh that's your laptop cooler my laptop's sitting on, btw.. hehe..

  3. ionStorm says:

    I'm so honored. A part of me is still with you. 😛

    Btw, I heard from the grapevine you got into a Harvard. :)\

    P.S This anti spam thing is gonna get me someday when i'm too blur to count... >_<

  4. ionStorm says:

    P.S You're also still very messy! Shame on u! 😛

  5. Hoong Ern says:

    Did I get into Harvard? I did, didn't I?
    It still feels so weird.. and unbelievable...
    It's God's grace that I got in..
    but still I'm still in a bit of a daze at the moment..

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