Recording Project

The project was for my music tech A level coursework. A few tracks had already been laid down, and the backing vocals needed to be recorded next. So – shoo everyone out of the rehearsal room, set up some equipment, find 13 (lousy) headphones and lay them out for people to wear – press the record button and let them sing!

Mics are AKG C414B-ULS large diaphragm condensers mounted in ORTF connected to an E-MU 1616M audio interface.

Pictures of the entire group. Click to enlarge.

Backing Vox 1

Backing Vox 2

And a picture of some of the gear. (Ignore the person in the picture)

Audio Gear

5 thoughts on “Recording Project”

  1. oOoo…person in picture looks quite smart…in blazer, slacks and proper shoes! Why don’t you wear that for our events HAH?! 😛

  2. We have to wear that everyday over here….

    Besides, it’s too warm to wear that in M’sia!
    Oh that’s your laptop cooler my laptop’s sitting on, btw.. hehe..

  3. I’m so honored. A part of me is still with you. 😛

    Btw, I heard from the grapevine you got into a Harvard. :)\

    P.S This anti spam thing is gonna get me someday when i’m too blur to count… >_<

  4. Did I get into Harvard? I did, didn’t I?
    It still feels so weird.. and unbelievable…
    It’s God’s grace that I got in..
    but still I’m still in a bit of a daze at the moment..

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