University Applications

“…has voted to offer you a place in the Harvard Class of 2010”

Certificate of Admission to



Hoong Ern Ng

having qualified in all respects is hereby admitted

as a candidate for the

degree of Bachelor of Arts

Not exactly what I expected. (especially since I’m probably not going to do a Bachelor of Arts degree, although that doesn’t matter since it can be changed)

I’m still in a bit of a daze, never in a million years would I have expected to be accepted by Harvard. Oh yes, in case any of you guys are wondering about the “2010”, that’s the year of graduation, so I’m starting this september.

Actually, never in my entire life, even during the application process, have I ever considered “What if I get accepted by Harvard?” It still hasn’t hit me totally what has happened, or what it means by getting accepted, but it has happened anyway.

I guess that also means that I will be seeing Andrew Li Xi, who was a year my senior in Millfield school, an outstanding pianist and mathematician… And now he’ll be my senior in Harvard, should I go (which is very likely).

Just a couple of thanks for now –

– Thank God first! It’s by his grace that I managed to get accepted – seeing the impossibility of getting accepted by Harvard.
– My parents! It was my dad who though I should apply to Harvard, even when I thought “Why bother, I have no chance!”. I’m glad I did.
– Mr. Barker, my US university counselor in Millfield School (He also studied in Harvard). Including overseeing all my US applications, he’s my piano&music teacher and also wrote one of the teacher recommendations.
– Higher Education & Careers Department, for mailing my forms to Harvard and the other Unis
– Tom Winslow, my Harvard interviewer who (obviously?) interviewed me and helped me and gave me info.
– Millfield School as a stepping stone, without which I would never have gotten into Harvard.
– Those who helped me in getting to Millfield (Ann Perreau Music Studio, Taman SEA [CF], all the rest, sorry, I can’t list them all!)
– All the rest of my friends and teachers [mainly Millfielders, since I was keeping relatively quiet to those back home on uni application developments] who have encouraged me throughout the process.
– And loads more. Sorry if I have missed out anything important! Do email me if I have so I can include it!

It has been a few weird days of late…

All the best to those in application processes and so on!
Now who else is going to Cambridge(US)/Boston/Massachusetts area?

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  1. Thanks guys.. Well it still hasn’t really hit me yet that I’ve been accepted, I think..

    @Lukas : Congrats too on getting accepted to Cambridge! I’m going to Cambridge too, only the OTHER cambridge in US!

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