A long night

Some random maintainance – including :

  • Physical server clean-up : They DO collect dust!
  • Installation of new DVD-RW optical drive – the old one was causing problems so I replaced it with this.
  • Reinstallation of Apache2, re-configuration of httpd.conf (some entries were causing problems earlier on)
  • Upgrade of PHP, wordpress, some other scripts – It was in this process that I accidently added an extra “}” within my php script, took me a while to find the error (Thought it was a CSS issue since it messed up the page layout)
  • Other random things – reorganization of folders, optimization, CSS editing (new comment form look), etc

What’s left now?

  • Video card problem – or is it a power supply issue? (3.3V is being delivered at 2.9V) So I need to change the power supply.
  • Routing/loopback issues. Not a huge problem but the server can’t access itself! Although I’ve been facing the issue for a year now, it doesn’t cause me too much trouble.
  • Get a new Hard Drive – current one is getting old and I need to make sure the server stays in good health!
  • Upgrades to other software, patches, etc.
  • Other random things I can’t think of at the moment.

Hopefully that gets rid of some problems I’d been having earlier.

Now I have to get used to this new interface in WordPress…

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