Easter break – Gone in a flash

Been a while since I last posted anything in this site…

Easter hols are over now for me – leaving tomorrow…

After the initial shock of Harvard (still a shock, perhaps?) I got pulled into the Easter production of my church, “Once upon a caterpillar” to help out in the technical section. I can say that this round was one of the rounds when I managed to “goyang kaki” (shake legs, relax) a bit more because I wasn’t doing anything much. I was basically the “SFX Engineer”, in charge of sound effects, background music and so on.

Working with the team of people was a blessing, managed to catch up with friends and all in church, especially Jian and EJ, since I went in to work there quite a bit. Heh, EJ’s still just as irritating and childish as ever – go get married, you’re already 25!!! Found out that Jian’s going to NUS for MechEng. – should’ve gone there then I’ll have company hehe..

Went to watch “Gubra” at 1U with some of the AV team… EJ, Jian, Thomas and Jo (the only girl in the AV crew…). Gubra wasn’t that great.. too many stories at once and cliffhangers – nothing tieing the stories together and well.. too many “security camera” shots – the video cam doesn’t even move, until some characters go out of sight of the screen!

Also went out for yam cha with some of the AV crew the next day… had mango honeydew sago something – was quite nice – came with a *nice* price tag as well..

Anyway, yes, my 2nd week consisted generally of endless work in church for easter helping EJ and Jian… did some recordings (of thunderstorms, frogs croaking, toilet flushing, etc) and yeah, that was about it..

Easter day came – shall not really comment on the technical stuff… because I have run out of time… Just a day to remind us all about Jesus Christ who died and rose again…

Went to Swensen’s (for icecream) on Tuesday with the AV Team… Tried to brainstorm names for our produktion krew… Came up with some ideas, saw Jo’s designs for the T-Shirts… anyway, here’s a pic of us.. took after a few had already left. Picture of us :
Swensen's Ice Cream
From left to right : Whoops! That’s Swensen’s Ice Cream actually.

Here’s the real picture of us haha
Us - The AV Crew
NOW, from left to right : Jo, Jian, Tim, Jon, Er..me, Ewe Jin … Yung Xiang’s missing- he went off early. And of course this was only a fraction of the entire AV-Krew..
So… shall miss working on technical problems with you guys haha – Blessing to work with you guys.. And make sure you don’t project Blue Hands onto the screen!

It’s late.. and I don’t have much time.. so I’ll be off now. Leaving back for the UK tomor.. I mean, today. So fast! Anyway, looking forward to some real pianos, but not looking forward to studying.. So, that’s the easter hols. Shall update more another time.

6 thoughts on “Easter break – Gone in a flash”

  1. AHAHAA.. my gosh.. U FORGOT the whole.. mic tapping in gubra and all of us like ALL of us AV *four of us there* were like….OUUCCCHHHH..eerrrrrr ahahaha.. that was dead funny..everyone around us ws like.. werrrttt.. be quiet la.. watching movie.. ahaha

    sorry for reading ur post so late.. we’re missing u.. snifflez.. nice pic XD ahaha duh coz im in it ahaha nah lah.. its jus nicely composed..

    so many ppl leaving u noee!! T and J.. snufflez! come backk u harvardian!

  2. Yes yes.. hehe. mic tapping! How dare he tap the mic??!!! hmm.. would’ve been interesting if he dropped it..

    Yeah people are starting to leave – and I am coming back in July, except you lot are running away to aussie at the same time hehe..

  3. ahaha yeh.. and then EJ and J would be like.. trying to catch it from the screen.. ahaha it would have been a funny.. yet embarassing scene, u reckon? ahaha..

    yeh its only me don worry.. u\’ll see the rest of the guys here EJ, J, Tom.. etc la.. ehehe don worrrryy

  4. man that pic makes me miss u, home PJEFC jian eugene jo everyone…….. sigh
    all mushy inside now…. oh well u have good one dude

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