What do you carry?

When you get up in the morning and get ready to go out for a day of work, what do you carry with you in your pockets? For me :

  • LED keychain (with keys, of course) – provides light when I need to search corners / computers / anything else. Goes in my right trouser pocket.
  • A second LED keychain, just in case the first one dies. Goes in my left trouser pocket.
  • USB SD Card reader, along with a 1GB card inside. Right trouser pocket.
  • Casio fx-570W scientific calculator. Right trouser pocket.
  • Pocket PC – well, replaces a lot of things which I would otherwise need, such as a third calculator / Science Data Book / Tuner / Metronome / clock+alarm, etc. Includes 1GB SD Card. Also acts as my 2nd graphing calculator and as a bible. Left trouser pocket.
  • Notebook – Yes, paper. Just in case the Pocket PC dies – I have the most essential information in there. As term goes on – a second notebook will normally appear as well. Filled 90% with maths and science workings, 5% music notes, and 5% goodness knows what. Goes in shirt pocket.
  • Diary – Timetable, school events, etc. Scotch tape round the edges so it does not dog-ear or rip apart. Shirt pocket.
  • Black pen, blue pen, two pencils – For obvious use, and also to lend to people who forgot to bring one. Shirt pocket.
  • A bundle of tissue – mainly for trombone cleaning, next to give to people who need it, and finally for my own personal use. Right jacket pocket.
  • USB Y-cable – to power my external hard disk – Inner right jacket pocket.
  • Pen+laser pointer – for emergency use and laser for purposes I have yet to discover – Inner left hand pocket.
  • My ‘box’ which includes : cloth – for cleaning things, Panadol – for (yet to come) headaches, LR44 battery – in case my calculator dies! 3 paper clip – for clipping paper? And also can be used to force broken CD-rom trays open, poke reset buttons; 2 safety pins – never know when they come in useful, they have! Plaster – in case of scratch? Nailclipper – sit down at the piano and discover your nails are making too much noise when playing. String – to tie things when needed – currently missing from the box, I used the last bit of string already! The box goes in my inner left hand jacket pocket.
  • Small philips screwdriver – Sometimes comes in useful – inner right hand jacket pocket.
  • 2.5″ 60GB external hard disk – with some of my data on it. Outer left hand jacket pocket.
  • Earplugs – for sleeping early when people are banging round the corridors, also for loud situations, such as percussion group practice, or, errr, shouting teachers? Front jacket pocket.

Things I occasionally also take up in my pockets :

  • Mobile phone – reason why I don’t carry it around often – too expensive to use in reality.
  • Extra pocket PC battery – on long outings when I may need more power.
  • Wallet (which I should carry around) – when I go out of school, also contains identification.
  • 256MB SD Card – don’t normally need it with my external harddisk & other cards.
  • Extra SD card reader – in case the 1st one doesn’t work.
  • Lypsyl lip protector – works against dry British weather!
  • Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculator. Would carry this more but it makes my jacket too heavy. And I only carry it if I’m not having my bag.
  • Comb. Well, only sometimes. Most of the time when my hair gets out of place, no comb will bring it to order.

Things I would like to carry in my pockets :

  • Penknife –  useful for LOADS of things – won’t even list them. I WISH I could carry this around – would make my life a lot easier. Unfortunately they’re classified as weapons – so I can’t carry it around school.
  • Compass – because it’s fun to carry about?
  • Magnet – when those tiny screws fall to the floor, unfortunately I don’t have a magnet with me. May also be dangerous for my harddisk!
  • Protractor with ruler – sometimes I randomly have to measure angles. Could be useful, but this is not on the top of the list.
  • In-ear monitors such as etymotic ER4s, but they’re too expensive.
  • A small 3rd (or is it 4th?) scientific calculator.
  • Point-n-shoot digicam – obviously a DigiSLR would be too huge for pockets. And this could also go into my bag. But I don’t have one at the moment.
  • Extra trombone mouthpiece – so I can practice at any time, even away from the trombone. Well, I can’t carry a piano with me.

Things I should carry with me :

  • Money. When people ask for some, or when I need (rarely) to buy something I’m always lacking this. I should carry some emergency cash around.
  • Identification – just some form of identification, just in case my Pocket PC is unable to turn on in any event. Well, my notebook DOES identify me.

Essential things I carry in my bag :

  • Pocket lock – never know when you need to lock something! I use it to lock my locker sometimes (and sometimes to lock other people’s lockers!)
  • Umbrella – ready for those rainy days.
  • Raincoat – in case the wind is too strong for the umbrella.
  • Protractor and 30cm ruler – to set up crossedpair & ORTF stereo microphone setups easily.
  • Pencil case – of course.
  • Manuscript book – to jot down music ideas which suddenly come. Wish I could carry this in my pocket.
  • Knoppix Linux – when those computers crash or harddisks grind to a halt, I’m all ready!
  • At least one music score.

So, what do YOU carry in your pockets?

11 thoughts on “What do you carry?”

  1. Lol! Earplugs for shouting teachers?? hahaha… good idea… =D

    And why would u wanna lock other ppl’s lockers?? Lol! 😉

    Well, what I carry in my pockets are way less than yours… hehe… can’t imagine how u can fit all of those into your pockets… =p

  2. hey man…it’s cool…you remind me of me…but I have less on me…cos no jacket. Wish I could carry that much stuff…
    got multi-purpose tool though…a Leatherman from my grandparents…=)..and some panadol and gastric tablets…swiss army knife…whistle…sewing kit…

    aw man when are you coming back…=(…

    take care

  3. I carry my phone, a handkercheif and usually my keys in my pocket. That’s about it, unless I want to use my student ID card, then that goes in the pockets too. Otherwise, everything else goes in my backpack or my slingbag. What’s almost always in my bag: my wallet (money and ID), earphones to connect to my university’s computers, a cap and gloves.

    That’s what I have in my bag and pockets~ =^^=

  4. Hmm.. more comments in a short space than I expected haha..

    @Ye : Well, I haven’t actually used them for shouting teachers haha… was just a joke, although it’s an idea.. Oh I’ve locked my friend’s locker before, for fun, but anyway she guessed the code.. I can carry all that stuff because I have hmm..10 pockets on me all together (5 of them on the jacket).

    @Tim – Coming back July 2nd hehe..hmm.. I remember the days when I (we?) carried all those lighters in our pockets… to light rockets haha..

    @Keshia – well, at least they can’t pick pocket everything off me in one go, if I carried it all in a bag…

    @Cat-chan – gloves? is it getting quite cold over there now? I’ve never used gloves here before.. And at least you carry ID – I should as well!

  5. the good old days man….*sniff*…yeah rockets…
    I used to I think…but after awhile your pants just seem so like bulgy…with all that stuff in two pockets…so have to cut down lah….=)

  6. *laughs* I always have those gloves in my backpack but as yet I haven’t worn them! It is getting chilly though. The wind is really howling today… and I wore a skirt. Just my luck. But, if my classmate can survive this kind of weather in shorts I see no problem surviving it in a skirt.

    As to the ID… I need it for badminton and other stuff… I carry it out of necessity. If I didn’t need it, it’d be relegated to somewhere out of sight, out of mind~

  7. you carry more than me! haha..
    i have swiss army knife with all the essential functions (if you were allowed one, it would safe a lot of space in your pockets for more stuff!!).
    Wallet which includes a tiny bit of money for emergency, Student ID, license etc etc.
    Travel pass and bus passes
    mobile (which has a light for emergency use..and no, I don’t carry a spare battery with it!!)
    and anything else which I may need for an occasion.
    (BTW, they all fit in my rigth and left jeans pocket..)

  8. @Cat-chan : Hehe, it’s getting warmer here now… can still be windy though. And we just had a ‘thunderstorm’, everyone was going on about how “amazing” the thunderstorm was, and I was just going “You call THAT a thunderstorm? That was NOTHING!”

    @Praxis : I wish I could carry a swiss army knife with me. Well – in time.

    Anyway I’ve stopped carrying my screwdriver in fear that it will poke a hole in my jacket. hehe. I need a smaller screwdriver.

  9. Hahaha….. no thunderstorms here! I remember when I first went back to m’sia, I was sooo terrified of the thunder and lightning, but I’m ok now. It’s getting colder and colder, winter is coming. =^^=

    About screwdrivers… you reminded me… my brother’s set of screwdrivers was confiscared at the airport. The funny thing is that they had no problems with his fencing sword (epee/foil, can’t remember which).

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