Back to daily life…

So, one week has past since I’ve come back here – and in ways it feels like one week, in others it feels like a month that I’ve already come back.

Studies and daily activities were thrown back into full action – no delays whatsoever. In ways it’s good – gives us less time to waste and we know that school is for school… No grace period to.. well.. grace us with.

Sunday – Back in house unpacking. Skipped lunch. And oh, skipped supper as well.

Nearly forgot about my physics synoptic mock paper – was wondering why people were walking the opposite way when I realised that I had an exam. Well, I got a decent A, so I was blessed this time. Next time I’d better study. Trombone lesson on Monday – lip was terrible. It just kind of disappeared, so I could hardly play. Joined the percussion group to play the bass drum, woodblocks, clave, gong (well, to come. Haven’t had a go on the gong yet). Loud. Loud. LOUD!!!! Skipped lunch. And oh, skipped supper as well.
Tuesday was normal. Normal? Hmm. I guess so. Dragged chairs back from the Meyer Theatre to the music block. Skipped lunch. And oh, skipped supper as well.

Wednesday – Skipped lu.. wait, no. Mr. Charles was waiting for me at the door of the music block, and in a “scolding” tone ask “Have you gone for lunch?” *silence* “You’re going for lunch. Laura, are you going to lunch? Okay you are taking him to lunch”. And then Mr. Rhind-Tutt pokes his head out of his room and says that my parents may sue the school if I don’t eat. Hah. So I end up getting dragged to lunch by Hannah and Laura, and I think they weren’t planning on going in the first place! Hmm. I even had supper!

Well, thursday was a bit of an interesting day. With Katy’s help, I recorded drills, hammers, files, saws, machinary, etc etc for my music tech project. Was interesting – aside from the fact that my ears were ringing after, and my equipment was covered with a nice layer of fine sawdust. Oh joy! And at 5.30, about 15 of us music people boarded the coach to Bristol for an excellent concert, an overture by Dvorak, Sibelius violin concerto by world famous violinist Sarah Chang, and Sir William Walton’s 1st symphony. It was EXCELLENT. Well, more about that another time. Got back at 11pm. Oh, I skipped lunch. And oh, skipped supper as well. Though Mr. Dearden forced me to eat a banana.

Friday. Normal, as far as I remember it. Skipped lunch.. and, got dragged to supper by Shnev&Katy. And well, these days ‘drag’ really means drag… Had orchestra as well… with my horrible trombone playing.

Saturday and sunday… hmm.. pretty much uneventful. Oh did I mention, I skipped lunch and supper on saturday? And I overate at house barbeque on sunday… having a hotdog (NOT literally) and 2 burgers. *full*

And monday. Today. Since it was said that I’d blog about it, here it is –  Got DRAGGED to lunch by well, mainly Katy, Shnev and ‘Lhau’rah (laura). I wouldn’t have written it otherwise. And well, practised a fair amount of trombone, after all – Grade 5 trombone in just under 3 weeks!

Quite a mundane and boring post, wasn’t that then?

5 thoughts on “Back to daily life…”

  1. Oh yes, did I mention that I missed lunch and supper as well today? And someone who has been telling me off for not eating missed lunch and supper as well!! Yes, Laura??? Well, I would have gone for supper today, but well, I didn’t.

  2. Oh guess what? Yesterday I skipped oh never mind. Getting boring writing the same thing over and over again. Also played croquet.. apparently a gentleman’s game? Can be quite nasty actually, sabotaging other players haha…

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