Sorry, and Thank You!

First of all, if you tried to access any websites hosted on the server between 3am and 2pm GMT+7 Wednesday, May 3rd, you may have noticed… well, the server was down. Sorry for that – any ‘inconvinience’ caused etc. Shall not go into technical details on what went wrong  (basically a boot.ini problem) or why (which I don’t have the answer to, yet). And a BIG thank you to EJ who went over to fix up the problem. Now I have to treat him to icecream, even though I didn’t ask him for help!! Haha. Well, whatever. Thank you lots… and I will treat you to icecream if you really want it 😛

Problems aren’t all over yet though – still trying to sort out some minor (quite major actually) issues with the server, but that should be enough for now, I guess.

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