Busiest week?

And I’m probably not making it better by ‘wasting’ my time typing this now. But since I have been inactive for some time, and I have been busy with other things, I guess I can do with a short break to type this. But anyhow…

It’s well into spring weather now – with temperatures in the 20’s. Yes I know, nothing compared to M’sia, but remember that we don’t have aircon, fans, great ventilation over here. So it can get quite warm sometimes. But it is quite nice actually, the warmth. It’s also a likely time to walk into a swarm of wasps (yellow jackets, mainly), which I have done once so far. Haven’t been stung though. Of course, there’re swarms of many other insects to walk into, which is not that fun. And many bees buzzing around.

So, what made this week so busy? Actually, I can’t really remember now – too much has passed. But I shall do my best to remember.

Monday – Out of house at 7.30am – back to house at 6.45pm – work from 7.30pm – 12.30am. So that’s about 17hrs of solid work. Finally got my music piece for my grade 5 trombone exam, which is next friday. Not a great idea getting your piece a week before your exam. Which is what happened. Oh well. Had maths mechanics 3 test, other practices – wind band and percussion group. Was doing my music tech film music composition at night from 7.30 – 12.30 – composition for full orchestra, following a set brief called “house of terror”.

Tuesday – Out of house at 7.15am – back to house at 6.50pm – work from 7.30pm – 1am, what, ~18hrs of work. Went early to practice on the harpsichord with Katy for next monday’s (tomorrow!) recital. Practiced from 7.40am-8.50am. The harpsichord is such a fun instrument to play. Had chamber choir and swing band rehearsals. Again worked on music tech the whole night until 1am.

Wednesday – Out of house 7.30am – back at 5.45pm, worked from 7.30pm – 12am. At least wednesday was a bit more relaxed. Had a harpsichord lesson, after which I recorded bassdrums and gongs for my composition. The afternoon was a bit of waste of time – it was sports day today so we all had to go down to the athletics pitch to watch house sports, compulsory. Ended up missing my piano lesson because of that – just did piano&trombone practice until 5.30pm. Again music tech work in the evening, FINALLY finishing my composition which I started on sunday. The fastest composition I’ve actually done, actually.

Thursday – Out at 7.30, back at 6.15pm and well, relaxed for the evening, well, just did some research online, just some technical reading work. Had brass group, a physics test, lots of music & music tech periods, practised for trombone exam.

Friday – Out at 7.30am, back at 9.30pm. In the morning I was asked by George and Hannah to accompany them at night for the ‘linguists’ dinner, even though I’m not a linguist. So, well, because Mr. Barker was busy, and my music tech work was generally okay, I decided that it wouldn’t do much harm. Had chamber choir, practice with Katy on harpsichord, some own practice. Physics test was sprung on us. Accompanied george – his timing went out twice, he missed 2 entries, I made tons of mistakes (hey, I was sightreading for the actual performance!) but well, we managed to pull it off. In the end I didn’t accompany Hannah because if I did, I would have to sightread, while transposing the key (because she was singing the piece a 4th lower than written!). So I declined.

Saturday – Out at 7.30am, back at 1.30pm, out again at 6.30pm, back at 10.40pm. Had piano concerto practice (for monday’s recital) first period after St. Cecelia singers practice. Practiced saxophone & piano with Shnev 4th period and trombone 5th period. Had a tour of the new music block at 12.30pm. The building’s impressive, but I’m not sure what to think of it yet. Somehow I think it may be too ‘professional’ that it might not be fun at all. Got back to house at 1.30pm, worked on music tech from 2.30pm – 6pm, and got ready for Music Scholar’s Dinner which was at 7pm. It was quite a decent dinner – friendly and the chamber choir sang after dinner for fun – and they made me conduct! Well, I only conducted the last 2 bars – but I think what I did in the last bar made up for not conducting the rest. I was at table 2, our Millfield Trio+1 would have been there in complete if not for the fact that Laura could not go because she’s not in the “senior” years yet, thus not invited… although she does more music than some of them.
I have never really put pictures of people in my school – so here I shall put for (the second time?) pictures of some of the music people in my school. Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

Me & George Dye – violinist, guitarist, pianist.

Me & Edwin Li, both playing “invisible” trombone and french horn. He’s a french horn player.

Me & Alex Neville-Payne aka Shnev. He’s a saxophonist, flautist, recorder player.

A group picture, from left to right, Shnev, Me, Amelia Dowsett, Katy Hebditch, Hannah Trenner. Amelia’s an Oboist, Flautist, cellist and pianist; Katy’s a percussionist & recorder player, Hannah’s a saxophonist, singer and pianist.

Just a picture of some of us at the table which I was sitting at.

They were trying to get me to drink a cup of wine at dinner. Well, I didn’t in the end, although I had ‘half a drop’ of wine – because a drop of wine got “accidently” dropped into my cup of water. Hah.

So that was saturday. Tiring night, otherwise fun.

Sunday – Today – Got up at 8am, went out to the music block at 9am and got back at 4pm. My music tech coursework is ALL OVER! Yay! Finished! Relief. Also did some recording at the music block – Some mozart, ravel, and some chinese piece for french horn & piano (Edwin played the horn part)

So that’s my week.

What’s next week?

Monday – Mech3 test, Evening music recital, playing in 2 items (Guiseppi Sammartini Recorder concerto in F, me on the harpsichord, Katy on the descant? recorder. Playing the 2nd and 3rd movements. Also playing the 1st movement of Grieg’s piano concerto in A minor)

Tuesday – Maths Further Pure 3 test, perhaps a music mock test

Wednesday – Physics test

Thursday – Eucharist in Well’s Cathedral, singing in chamber choir.

Friday-Sunday, not sure

Monday – REAL A2 Mechanics 3 exam!! ARRRGH!!

Oh and perhaps for the randomness, a picture of my room while working on my music tech project. (Had to jump over the keyboard all the time to get in and out!)

(Keyboard’s not mine)

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