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Just some things which are going on at the moment in terms of music –

Monday 15th May 2006 – Evening Recital. Was the first up on stage, accompanying Katy Hebditch (recorder) on the harpsichord. Well, perhaps the programme notes describe it better.

Concerto in F major, 2nd and 3rd Mvt – Sammartini
Katy Hebditch (Eagle, 5th Year), Descant Recorder
Hoong Ern Ng (Joan’s Kitchen, Upper Sixth), Harpsichord

Sammartini was born in Milan in 1695 and died in London in 1750. He was an oboist who studied with his father. By the age of 13 he was already performing with his father in the orchestra of Novara in 1711. Sammartini influenced the development of the trio form. He was skilled in harmony, writing gentle but keen melodies. He had a preference for slow movements in which he demonstrated a breadth of harmonic ability.

Katy was almost suffering a nervous breakdown before the concert – apparently practice had not been going well and ‘everything’ was going wrong. Also the recorder was out of tune before the concert (I think the only way to tune a recorder properly is by warming it up), and I couldn’t find my music score just 10 minutes before the beginning. (Managed to find it in the end, though). I think it went decently. Of course, there were a few slips here and there, but overall it was a quite good. Perhaps it just tended to sound a bit rushed.

Other items played –
Effie Wang (viola) – Concerto, 1st Mvt – Hoffmeister
Candice Butler (voice) – How Can I Keep From Singing – arr. Ruck
George Dye (violin) – Concert, 1st Mvt – Bruch
Amelia Dowsett (oboe) – Concerto in A minor for Oboe&Strings – Vaughan-Williams
Olivia Bryant (voice) – Piercing Eyes – Haydn
Clarice Rarity (violin) – Concerto in A minor – Accolay
Katherine Kempe (voice) – In the Still of the Night – Porter
Edwin Li (French Horn) – Nocturno Op. 7 – Strauss

And then… for whatever reason, was me finishing off.

Concerto in A minor, 1st Mvt – Grieg
Hoong-Ern Ng (Joan’s Kitchen, Upper 6th), Piano

From the unforgettably dramatic opening cadenza to the sweepingly grand final chords, this concerto is filled with invention, originality, and sparkle that has made it a favourite with audiences worldwide. Alarmingly, Liszt sightread the entire concerto when it was first written!

(Mr. Barker wrote the programme notes for me because I had no time to do any research). It went well – perhaps the most enjoyable performance of this piece which I have done. Technically, it was not the best I had performed, but it was the performance I enjoyed most.

I recorded the entire Recital – so if you want to listen to any of it, there just may be *some* way of getting parts of the recital to you.

Well done everyone who played in the Recital.

Thursday – May 18th 2006

Sang in chamber choir for the Eucharist – the last time I might ever be setting foot in Well’s Cathedral. It was a night of amazing singing – from O Magnum Mysterium, Zadok the Priest – our two anthems for the night. Totally contrasting pieces, enjoyed in contrasting ways – the warmth and colour of O Magnum Mysterium compared with the power and strength of Haydn’s Zadok the Priest. Unforgettable. Had refreshments back in the Gaskell room after that – the food was quite decent.

Friday – May 19th 2006

Guess what? The first practical exam I’ve taken in years! That’s it – ABRSM Trombone Grade 5. Mr. Austin says I could probably have taken grade 8 and passed it, but that would be a bit risky – seeing that for my grade 5, I didn’t even get some of my music for my solo pieces until a week ago! Some people have months to prepare for the exam, I had a week and a half! However I think it went well, other than messing up my F major scale (Scales are the worst thing to do on the trombone). Aural was simple, sightreading was okay. I’d be really suprised with anything less than a pass, but the results aren’t out yet, so I better not saying too much.

So what’s up next?

Tuesday 23rd May – Recording Chamber choir
Thursday 25th May – Recording Sammartini (Trio+1)
Friday 26th May – Playing Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude Op10 No12 in assembly, which I have just started learning properly from about a week ago.

— Halfterm break 26th May! —

It’s coming SO FAST!!! I have only about a month left here and it’s kind of depressing, music-wise especially. All my fellow musician friends which I have made in the music block, all the music groups, certainly the best music years of my life so far. Oh well.

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