Winter or Spring?

It’s now May, yet indoors it’s colder than it was in February/March – reason being that the heating has now been turned off. And the weather has been pretty gloomy for the past week – nonstop drizzles, and howling wind – imagine the wind chill.

Weather aside.

Exam season’s around now, although it’s weird, because my exams are spaced from the 22nd May right until the 26th June – very widely spread. So there’s no sudden ‘panic’, rather, more of a steady revision period.

So – two papers over now, Maths Mechanics 3 [Our teacher, Mr. Godfrey made his own mark scheme of the paper, according to his mark scheme, I think I got 69/72, but the marks are scaled up/down, so I still wouldn’t know what I got] and today’s physics practical.

It’s almost halfterm break now, it’s shocking, because it just seems like I got back here. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Anyway I have to rush off to school now so I can’t write more, but just something funny before that, a conversation which happened in school around a week ago –

A.D.: Sir, can we use the lodge? We need to practice on the harpsichord? [We referring to A.D. and me]
J.L.: Sure, but I don’t think its legs are strong enough to take the weight!

Oh har har.

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