Millfield – coming to an end

Maurice Ravel – Pavane pour une infant défunte

Weird and short post here.

One day I walked into Millfield school, and for what seemed like 2 minutes I stayed there.
Yesterday was the last official day of Upper 6, I am now on study leave.

In short – The first year was horrible. People irritating me, work overload, lack of sleep, the list goes on.

The second year was a change, especially after the christmas break. More friends – especially in the music block. In fact almost all my friends now are from the music block. I shall greatly miss the music block and the people. I guess I started being sociable was on one wednesday when the music block was closed early. Millfield Trio+1… one of the groups I really enjoy because it was self-formed.

Heh. I’m not really sure what to write. I have 3 weeks left, and this is kind of the ‘first’ time I have to really say goodbye to people, because in the case of leaving M’sia, I knew that I will always be going back now and then. But with Millfield, when am I going to ever return?

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