Evening Recital – June 13th 2006

I was actually quite looking forward to this recital – my very last recital ever in Millfield (as far as I know) – last time playing with some of my friends.

It was the fullest recital of the year, with quite a lot of people attending it. I also decided to record it (In the morning, had to get someone from some department in the school to send over a tall ladder so I could climb up and attach the microphone stand to one of the beams in the lodge. Set up a decent ORTF crossed pair of AKG C451B condensers to record the recital.

I ended up playing in 3 items and page turning for another.

Sonata No. 1 in B minor
Amelia Dowsett (Dye – 5th Form), Flute
Hoong Ern Ng (Joan’s Kitchen – Upper 6th), Harpsichord

Bach was born in Eisenach in 1685 and was the greatest composer of the baroque period. Among his greatest works are such musical landmarks as “The St. Matthew Passion,” “The 48 Preludes and Fugues” and the unaccompanied violin and cello sonatas.

Sarabande et Allegro – Grovlez
Alexander Neville-Payne (Joan’s Kitchen – Lower 6th), Saxophone
Hoong Ern Ng (Joan’s Kitchen – Upper 6th), Piano

Gabriel Grovlez was born in Paris in 1879 and studied at the Conservatoire de Paris with other famous French composers like Fauré and Lavignac. He was a music critic for many years in various newspapers and periodicals; however, his pieces never gained much renown. The Sarabande was originally written for oboe but has been transcribed for clarinet and saxophone.

Jeux d’eau – Ravel
Hoong-Ern Ng (Joan’s Kitchen – Upper 6th), Piano

Written on the manuscript by Ravel is the phrase ‘River God laughing as the water tickles him’. Ravel said this piece was inspired by the noise of water and by the musical sounds which make one hear the sprays of water, the cascades, and the brooks.

So I was up on item 3 accompanying Amelia on the harpsichord. She kind of started while I was still adjusting the piano stool (or should I say, harpsichord stool???) and so kind of messed up the first round.. but got off fine the second round. It was a decent performance, besides the out-of-tune harpsichord, and out-of-mind harpsichordist.. Thanks a lot to Laura, who paged-turned for me but didn’t get mentioned at the end of the concert (when Mr. Charles was thanking the page-turners but left her out). So. Thank you Laura!

I got pulled into page turning for Katy Hebditch’s world-premier “The Games We Play” by Alastair King. I can definitely say that this was the hardest of them all – I had to stand away from the marimba, and from the distance I could hardly see anything at all, let alone the notes! I still managed to turn the pages correctly (I hope!). My life was hanging on the line too – she said that if I didn’t turn correctly, she’d kill me!

The saxophone piece with Shnev went okay, although he’s a bit disappointed, because he could have played it better. Oh well. It was still fun to play anyway..

And my piece – it was okay. Rushed parts here and there and my voicing could have been better – but it was okay. Not much more to say, really. Don’t know why I was put on last as well…

The recording came out nicely – not as I would have wanted it exactly, but decently. One of the nicer recordings which came out (in my opinion) was Laura’s Kol Nidrei (Bruch) with the cello quintet.

Well done to all who played in the concert!

So, my last recital done and over with!

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