Be-earlied Birthday?

Okay, I can’t really recall the last time I had a birthday party. Not that it really matters, does it?

Woke up in the morning to 2 emails wishing me happy birthday! 1 day early. How weird, but it was nice. I had already received some mail from home which I was instructed not to open until 17th of June or later. It’s still in front of me right now, unopened.

I went up to school, had a breakfast of 2 bowls of cereal, went to the music block, started writing in Shnev’s leavers book.. And then Laura walks in, hands me a homemade birthday card and wishes me Happy Birthday… Hmm. It’s a nice card anyway, inside which she writes “Now whats going to happen to playing you happy Birthday? hmm. NOT IN THE MINOR. and I’ll play it in the major NOT the minor.” and later “P.S I will play happy birthday tree times!” Heh, well, it was both her and Katy who taught me earlier on in the year how to pronounce “tree” and “three” differently.

And next Hannah comes in with another b’day card, a cute card with ‘comedy’ musicians drawn all over it (not to mention some music with questionable key signatures – what key has D#, A#, C# and G#?) with a weird picture from the music scholars’ dinner (Mr. Charles looking weird in it).

And then Katy arrives… with 3 balloons

and she, Laura and Hannah scribble over it and they hang it up in the music block foyer… Katy’s has “Smile, it scares people” on it, Hannah’s has “Love your sackbut but stop practising Shostakovich!” and Laura’s has “I know, in the left part of my brain nothing is right, in the right part of my brain, nothing is left”.

Group picture
[click to enlarge]

A group picture of some of us – from the left – Hannah, Laura, me, Shnev, Katy, Amelia.

And then the bell goes off so they have to go off to lessons (Or in Katy&Amelia’s case, GCSE exams). I’m on study leave so I gather up my equipment and do mixing/mastering of the evening recital I recorded. Laura plays me Happy Birthday ‘tree’ times on the piano and I play it to myself in the minor! And lunchtime comes… (Oh yes, find a CD or marimba concerti in my locker from Katy, which is covered with a picture of some weird “soup dragon“)

Instead of going to the dining hall, it’s back in the music block. Katy made a delicious cake for me! (She brought it in in the morning but didn’t allow me to see it). Here’s a (blurry) picture of it before I blew out the candles…


And a proper picture of the cake –


And a picture of us eating the cake –

[click to enlarge]

Out of those 18 candles, Katy had put one relighting candle on top, so that when I blew them all out, one of them obstinately did not go out! Hah. That was funny. Laura unfortunately could not join us for the picture as she was having string quartet then – but she still managed to eat some of the cake!

And then.. grrr… they REFUSED to let me into the lodge to set up chairs for chamber choir!!! (Although when I finally got in, I did set up ONE chair). Choir settled down.. and SUDDENLY… Mr. Barker (choir accompanist) started playing Happy Birthday and Mr. Charles started leading the choir to sing happy birthday for me! Quite a shock. Anyway… that was really nice of them.

After lunch, some of them have more exams… so I loiter around the music block, chat with Mr. Dearden who also gives me a bottle of juice… burn a couple of CDs.. and then it’s orchestra. Tim Morrish (irritatingly, after a while) plays me happy birthday on the trumpet over and over again.. In the end I tell him to keep quiet, he doesn’t, so I get out my trombone and blast it at him. Hah. Orchestra was okay… And finally back home.

So……….. I’ve had an entire birthday celebration, yet my birthday hasn’t really come yet. Okay – the reason why all this happened, Katy, Hannah, Amelia won’t be around tomorrow, so they decided to celebrate it early. When people asked how old I was, I said “17”, because my b’day is still not here yet! It’s tomorrow! Normally we wish people “belated” birthdays, this is my “beearlied” birthday… And my other b’day card is still sitting on my table unopened.

So it’s been an interesting day. I couldn’t have imagined anything like this last year when I had hardly any friends in the music block. Needless to say, I am really thankful to them for all their care and thoughtfulness. I can’t really thank them enough, actually. And thanks to God for providing me with such good friends.

Ah yes, thanks to Mr. Rhind-Tutt for taking the pictures.. Thanks again to Katy!! who made me the delicious cake and planned quite a lot of this, and Laura&Hannah for their cards.. And to Amelia&Shnev as well, and to Mr.Charles&the choir, and so on.

So. I’m still 17yrs old!!

I’ll update more later on after my real b’day!

Oh. And extra – Passed Grade 5 trombone with distinction. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Be-earlied Birthday?”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (again) Sounds like you had a more happening one than I did, since no one’s here on campus anymore. 😀

    The time difference between here and there and being sleep-deprived past midnight confuzzled me greatly as to what day it really was, which accounts for the early email. :p

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