Got up this morning, my real birthday, got another 2 b’day emails, and then opened my card from home… A nice collection of b’day greetings from various people.. And then saw another card which was slid underneath my room door – from my houseparents. Went up to school, had “early music” group music rehearsal, playing the piano..

For whatever reason, I didn’t open my locker yesterday, so this morning, I opened it – and – there were presents and more cards waiting for me! Cards from Amelia and Katy, and two books from Katy (“Tom Brown’s School Days” and “The Traveller’s Companion”) with nice messages within.

How nice! Not sure when was the last time I got a b’day present (Well, since I didn’t take my b’day present last year which, was to buy a pair of shoes/sandals from Clarks). Anyway… the lot I got this year –


Hmm.. Cards from Laura, Hannah, Home, Mylnes (houseparents), Amelia and Katy, plus presents from Katy. Oh and balloons. AND.. a splashing of water from Mr. Charles because I was irritating him with shostakovich. GRRR! Hah.

Took a second tour of the new music block, which is currently being built. Went before, but decided to go again since there wasn’t anyone much going (Mr. Byrne, me, shnev, laura). Here’s some ‘construction workers’ – Me and Laura –


Didn’t really do much for the day, besides taking useless photos of music locker labels, showing the amount of scribbling we do on each other’s lockers –


Also read a bit of my b’day book (the traveller’s companion), interesting read.

So, that’s my day so far. It’s been nice, quiet, but nice. Hope the rest who were not around yesterday (and hence celebrated my b’day early) are having fun at their music festival.

Thank you all of you guys who made my 18th an enjoyable one!

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