Mass, I mean, mEss in A minor, er, I mean, Mess in Music Block

So they say, pictures are worth a thousand words. Messes are worth more than a thousand words. Somehow the pictures don’t really do ‘justice’ to the mess – it’s way messier than what the pictures show…

The task: Sort out the music in the cupboard of the music rehearsal room (choral music) which was all over the place, unsorted and chucked all over the room. Count EVERY single copy of music and catalogue it according to composer, title, type, edition, ISBN, etc. and put them into seperate numbered boxes to find easier.

So, it was a total mess – because no one had bothered to sort out anything in the past 25yrs. Result?


That was Wednesday morning, after I carried in about 8 boxes of Handel’s Messiah and Mozart’s Requiem. Heavy boxes! Yup, they’re those orange & red books on the floor.

Again wednesday morning, in the ‘cupboard’. This was one day into the job, so already everything was relatively neat (compared to when we started). By this time I had hand-counted about 2500 copies of music.

The cupboard again, but a different angle. Already looks much more organized.

Random pictures. Top left: Handel’s Messiah. Top right: The random pile while it was still small. Bottom left: Some of the random pile on the poor piano. Bottom left: Me amongst 145 copies of Mozart Requiem, already counted out.

Wednesday evening. Already everything is much cleaner. There are over a hundred brown boxes there – with each one we counted every single sheet of music and catalogued it, and there are about 20 big boxes on the right for books.

And no pictures of thursday’s work. We’re about halfway through!

This is what a SMALL part of the catalogue looks like now, written by me. (I did counting&cataloguing&random, shnev did counting&boxing&random, hannah did counting&boxing&random, Laura did labeling&random, Amelia did counting, Clarice did random sorting, plus a few others who helped when I was in my exam, so sorry, I’m not sure who helped!)

Excel Sorting

Long way to go, but coming along slowly.

And since the whole trio+1 was around…

2 thoughts on “Mass, I mean, mEss in A minor, er, I mean, Mess in Music Block”

  1. those pics dont really do justice to the work you guys did!! it was SOO messy.. thankfully i was on studyleave :p
    PS> i hate that pic at bottom… i look so awful in it!!
    PPS> i look awful in all pictures
    PPPS> i look awful full stop.
    wow i can actually answer this question… sum of 2 and 1!! hmmmm 2?

  2. hah. Product of 2 and 1 is 2!! Go do more maths! Everyone always says they look awful in pictures… Well. the majority of people I ask. Photo-phobia? You don’t look awful okay?

    Yes well.. 20yrs worth of music hidden in a cupboard, what else would one expect? Yes you were on study leave.. so was I!!!

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