Penny farthings?

Well, okay, it wasn’t a full-sized penny farthing which he brought in, rather, a replica built in 1918. Not as tall, but not to say any easier to ride! Had metal wheels (and so left tracks on the road, and was VERY bone-shaking to ride on), a brake which hardly worked. Just mounting it was quite an achievement.

Well, of course we didn’t bring it for people to ride on – we mounted it on a stand and put steps by the side so people could climb onto it without fear of falling off balance, and have their picture taken.

Guess what – we were so busy taking pictures of others that we forgot to take our own ‘proper’ picture of it. (Us being me, shnev, laura, hannah, plus the teachers).

Anyway later in the day when activities were over we took the pennyfarthing off its stand and had a go on it. I fell down 3 times before I managed to get riding it. Shnev, also being the tallest, had hardly any problem riding it and rode around the school on it.

Some pictures :

Shnev, Laura and me.

Shnev, me and Mr. Rhind-Tutt.

I don’t have a proper side view of the penny-farthing.. well, except perhaps this…

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