The end of Millfield…

Did I ever dream that I went to Millfield? In the morning when I wake up, I just wonder – did it really happen for real? Or did I just imagine it, was it just one long dream?

But then I see my leavers book lying beside me, so either I’m in an even larger dream now – or it was real. It’s just so un-real, even though it’s real.

For the first time I had to say goodbye – because I don’t know when I’m going to return to Millfield. In the case of going there, at least I know I come home every now and then. But how will I ever forget all those who played a part in my life over in Ingerland?

I won’t list out all the people who have helped me, but I shall say a few special thank you’s – to God, for making all things possible, and that I survived the entire thing. And to my parents.

Other than that – to all my tutors and teachers. I’m scared to list anyone in fear of missing anyone out. Thanks to all my music friends – those who made a whole difference to my second year at Millfield. If you don’t mind, I shall mention one special music group – even though we didn’t play that much towards the end of the year, we did win our competition… but more I love the friendship we had… To Millfield Trio+1, comprising of me, Katy Hebditch, Laura Hammonds and Amelia Dowsett… And also to Shnev who made my time back at house bearable. To the others whom I did not mention – you still did play a bit part in my life. Thank you!

So. The hills of Somerset fade into the distance…

Brass group ’05-’06 plays for the last time, missing a couple of players…

Me in Street which I hardly ever visited

In my final hours at Millfield, me, standing outside the music block with my trombone, playing the Malaysian Anthem ‘Negaraku’ blaring across campus!

Me playing trombone

I shall close for there…
Thus a chapter closes…

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