Just a short ‘update’, or rather, downdate (??) on happenings. Well yes I am back in Malaysia… hot weather of late (although it JUST rained!), no proper rain in 2 weeks..

And.. I can’t think of anything else to say.

I want Trio+1 rehearsal!! I want chamber choir!! I want orchestra!! I want swing band.. wind band… piano trio… horn trio..
hARPSIChorD!! STEINWAY!! Music block! I want my music friends!!

Anyway I am learning some of Debussy’s Images, at one of the Trio+1 member’s request!


Yeah. I can’t think of anything to say. When I get a topic to write on then you’ll be able to read something. But until then.. you’ll have to deal with “this” kind of writing.. which doesn’t really qualify as writing..


  1. Laura says:

    hi hoong. right about your memorys-thats allways good. i do it!hehe. thankyou for you letter i got it today!it was very long but i did read it and yes.well.thankyou for it.

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