Just a short ‘update’, or rather, downdate (??) on happenings. Well yes I am back in Malaysia… hot weather of late (although it JUST rained!), no proper rain in 2 weeks..

And.. I can’t think of anything else to say.

I want Trio+1 rehearsal!! I want chamber choir!! I want orchestra!! I want swing band.. wind band… piano trio… horn trio..
hARPSIChorD!! STEINWAY!! Music block! I want my music friends!!

Anyway I am learning some of Debussy’s Images, at one of the Trio+1 member’s request!


Yeah. I can’t think of anything to say. When I get a topic to write on then you’ll be able to read something. But until then.. you’ll have to deal with “this” kind of writing.. which doesn’t really qualify as writing..

2 thoughts on “Up-down-date”

  1. hi hoong. right about your memorys-thats allways good. i do it!hehe. thankyou for you letter i got it today!it was very long but i did read it and yes.well.thankyou for it.

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