Twice less the wisdom

Lost two of my wisdom teeth. I guess I had *ahem* too much wisdom for my own good? Haha.. Definitely not. If I had/have any wisdom at all to begin with, that is (Which I doubt!).

Nah, both of my lower wisdom teeth were impacted – they were growing ‘horizontally’ instead of their normal positions. Thus I had to go to the dentist and get them removed, one at a time.

First the right hand side, dentist had to drill it into 4 different pieces to extract it. (Went with my sister who also had to get hers removed) How fun. Unable to play trombone for a week, and unable to eat properly, besides a swollen mouth, etc.

Then, the moment the right hand side healed, I had to get the left one removed! This time was quite a bit harder to remove, I think it must have been in about 10 different pieces by the time it came out! And it was more painful… And it’s still swollen at this time. Total of 5 jabs…

Which to say, isn’t that bad actually. Better than facing trouble with ‘wisdom’ teeth later on in life. And I didn’t face the horrors that some people go through removing their teeth!

Other happenings –

Still orchestrating, now at 95 pages, although a lot of work is NOT on the pages as well! I’m doing the minus one tracking at the moment. Done about 14 days amount of work, on the average of 10hrs a day..

I have been assigned housing in Harvard, in Thayer house along with 2 other roommates. If you feel the very very unlikely urge to send me any mail, my address is…

2063 Harvard Yard Mail Center
Cambridge, MA 02138-7510,
United States of America

And finally, as already mentioned, my congratulations to Laura Hammonds, who led the cello section in England’s National Youth Orchestra (Quite prestigious, as far as I know) without any doubt… Well done!

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