And 8 days to go

And I’ve finally finished all my orchestration for the christmas musical! What a relief! A total of 130 A3 pages of music which I have written, 41 minutes of it, and I feel that it’s second rate, because I didn’t have the time nor the equipment to do it properly.

A total of 2 and a half weeks of constant work on scoring/production, averaging about 12hrs of work a day, staying up into to late hours slaving on in Cubase / Sibelius.. until my friends in England start scolding me for staying up so late! Well, I don’t blame them. But I didn’t really have much of a choice – work which had to be done!

A lot of my energy has now been spent on this project, and I’m kind of spent-out and exhausted. One thing – working alone isn’t fun, especially when it’s in a small and hot room, where things become claustrophobic and everything seems unfriendly. Thinking music all hours of the days, sitting on a chair with a keyboard on your left, headphones on your head, one computer monitor in front of you, yet another monitor to your right.. writing notes upon notes of music.


But I’ve made it.. Not so fun with constant disruption of tooth/teeth extractions.

Anyway, other happenings – trip to Sungkai Hot Springs


Yup. Boiling Eggs in 90+ degrees Celcius water (the parts above 100 degrees aren’t open to the public to reduce chances of accidents). It was quite a nice place…

Also, going to Sunway Pyramid with my sister and my cousin Yung Xiang to go ice-skating. Out of practice. At least I didn’t fall down. But it was SO crowded that we left early.

Other things.. recording guitar+vocals (for my sister) at 2am in the morning because that’s the quietest time around to record! Well I’ll put up a summary on my project page in a while.

Well… Goodbye to my sister who just left yesterday to the United States and then to China… See you in January, I guess!

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