Well, just reporting in from Changi Int’ll Airport. It’s huge, it’s really nice, there’re “Laptop Access” carousels which I am currently using, it takes 20 minutes to walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, it’s quite cozy as well. Free internet access… unlike KLIA, which doesn’t even have drinking fountains! Anyway, two more hours to check in at 4.30am. Fun wait. 1hour flight time down, 21hours more.

6 thoughts on “Changi”

  1. wow your anti spam questions are really polite now!! i like the use of ‘add’ rather than ‘sum’!!
    well, hope harvard is good, and hope to hear from you soon!
    best wishes etc etc

  2. Hehe.. polite? Any suggestions on how to make it more polite? hehe… Well yeah I’m not in Harvard *yet*, though I’ve gone on campus to look around… you take care to, all the best with form 6! Well I’ll email you.

  3. HEhe..yups;)..congratts..on getting in old mate;)
    oh yes, joyce (yale’ 08) told me she was really surprised to hear that u got in H:)
    seems like she was feeling weird cos she’s usually in the loop:)
    …oh yes…she has this webp for US students……check it out:D

    and…have fun in h:)!


  4. Erk… my comment seems to have gotten truncated. Looks like you can’t use the open bracket key… your blog seems to think it’s html. Bah. I was just saying that one of the drawbacks of being in NZ is that you’re hours head of everyone. Oh, well. Good luck in the US~

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