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Now as Harvard life begins to settle in, here’s a short update on what’s happening over here. If there’s something which can make someone feel “I don’t belong here”, Harvard’s definitely one of those places. Suddenly, and unsurprisingly, I am just one among hundreds of pianists, trombonists, mathematicians, and so on – you meet people who have won this competition, that olympiad, this contest, has done 4 years of university maths already, and so on. You also meet the interesting people who argue for the sake of showing that they can argue and talk to show that they can talk better than you. I’ve met this guy who wants to eat tuna until extinction just so that he can abuse cloning technology to bring them back (his words).

But all in all it’s been a good experience so far. For the first time, I am able to play duets with another student trombonist! And I auditioned and got into the university marching band and the jazz band. I actually just got back from a band practice session, in which there were 8 trombones! And a trombone section can be quite a bit of fun.

Other things – I managed to place out of music 51, which is what most music concentrators do in their first year. Alas, I tried to place out of music 154 as well, the second theory course which most musicians take, (had to number chords in a horrible piece which had most interesting chords and keys in it, and I had to compose the exposition of a piano sonata, all that within 3 hours) but I failed to do so.

I have decided (although subject to possible change) to take computer science, math, expository writing (compulsory) and a freshman seminar – in which 4 of us are doing a very interesting project involving music technology, sound analysing (tones, pitch, frequencies, fast fourier transforms), and so on, all that in the Rowland Institute (a research laboratory with tons of cool equipment).

And I shall write more later, when I have time!

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  1. errrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    hehe lol heyyyy long time no speak!! missing me already?? hahahha lol i bet ure going to miss those half terms with u and gerry! ahahha lol such jkes midtown madness!! hahahah lol that was immense…..so how r u ? how was ure orchestra thing u had 2 do? and how is harvard?havin fun? howa the weather? must b better than england cept it has actually been quite nice recently lol…hahha look at me typical english lol commenting on the weather…i am quite sad actually hahahah. so wen are pictures of harvard coming up then???soon i hope lol wat r the ppl like?? r they friendly or is it all a bit overwhlemin as i expect. wats ure dorm like is it rank or gd ? how bout the food lol…. hahhaha im not a busybody at all am i lol …just showing interest in your life lol hahahah have u spoken 2 gerry?? r u guys ever going 2 meet up or something??
    i am kl currently doin a lot of coursework which is very annoyin and borinnnggggg hahhaha lol
    email me sometime

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