Time goes on

Yes, a quick update.

The world does not give me time to write an update.

Already time has been going, and I have just finished my midterm exams. Classes are okay – learning new stuff especially in expository writing, and also Freshman Seminar.

Before I get too far into my (short) post, just a quick congratulations to Laura Hammonds who has gotten into NYO. Well done!

I have to play trombone in an upcoming concert this Friday, and I have no idea what the results will be, seeing that I am not really prepared for it!

I have been going round parts of the States, last last week to Toah Nipi resort in New Hampshire (3hrs drive) for CF fall retreat, which was great, and the scenery was marvellous; last week to Princeton (7hrs drive) and New York (6hrs), along with the university band, to play (trombone) in the NY Harvard Club and in the football game. This saturday it’s off to New Hampshire again, along with the band, this time to visit Dartmouth… Needless to say, even with those 7hr drives, I have yet to stray far from Boston, if you care to look at the size of the US.

Other interesting things include one of the buses breaking down on the highway, sleeping (or rather, attempting to sleep) on the floor of the NY Harvard Club and ending up frozen…

Weather is getting colder, although still bearable with no winter clothing, although today is nice and sunny (but cold, of course).

I better not miss my Computer Science lecture, so off I go now.

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