Piano Music – Recordings

Over the Thanksgiving weekend (refer to previous post), I did a number of recordings of my piano music at Malcolm’s house. Feel free to download them!

I was not expecting to be recording anything – so I didn’t prepare any pieces, neither did I have any scores, so I just played random things, with a lot of mistakes. So, just take these with a little more seriousness than MIDI files!

You can find them below, or at the original page which you can find here.

The piano was too big for the room it was in, and the recording came out pretty bright, although in a sense that’s what it actually sounds like in that room. PLEASE do not take these pieces as a proper performance – there are a lot better pianists who play these pieces, these are just a guideline, how they sound. I didn’t have any scores with me, neither had I been really doing any practise over the previous 4 months before recording these.

Chopin – Etude Op10 No1 in C major – Been playing it for about 2 weeks, so don’t expect too much!

Chopin – Etude Op10 No12 in C minor [Revolutionary] – Oops, messed up a bit but was basically okay. Haven’t been playing it for about half a year now…

Debussy – Pour le piano – Prelude – Argh, didn’t get those top ‘C’s, oh well. Last time I practised this was a couple of years back.

Debussy – Pour le piano – Sarabande – Could’ve done it well if I only had the score!! Alas, I didn’t.

Debussy – Pour le piano – Toccata – Hah, Have a laugh.

Ravel – J’eau Deux – I’ve played it way better than this.

Ravel – Ondine [from Gaspard de la Nuit] – Been playing it for just under 2 weeks. Give me some time and sometime I’ll do it better!

Ravel – Pavane for a Dead Princess – Beautiful piece. Was sightreading it though!

So I didn’t say anything that great about my playing, but I think I have reason to do so. The quality of the files aren’t great, well, what can you say about mp3 compression? Tell me if you want higher quality files!

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