My roommate Malcolm nicely offered to let me stay at his house for the whole Thanksgiving break (which spanned Thursday – Sunday). We left on Wednesday evening, through the ‘T’ (Boston’s rail system) and the bus, arrived at his house. A very nice house indeed, although it was a little confusing at first – because there were many rooms and 2 staircases.

They have a very quiet and friendly dog named Sunny who loves to lick people. On an average day I’d have to wash my hands about 10 times because of all the licking. They also have a cat Leo, and they get along well enough, although they do have a rare scuffle. I hardly heard Sunny make any noise at all during my stay there.

Thanksgiving = turkey. On Thanksgiving morning some of us prepared a ‘simple’ treasure hunt for the young girls who were coming over for the lunch that day, using poetic clues. It took us more than an hour to think up, and they finished it in 10 minutes. At least they enjoyed it. Spent Thursday eating, sitting and talking, which apparently is what happens for most Thanksgiving celebrations. Had lots of turkey and pie (Apple, Lemon, Pecan, Pumpkin, etc).

Friday was spent at a house about an hour’s drive away, where we did ‘renovations’ on a house along with other people, including painting, cleaning, assembling beds, etc.

I did recording on Saturday, which I shall talk about in another post, there was a jazz jam session in the afternoon, and at night we went to a concert with Stefon Harris’ band (He plays vibes and marimba, at the same time). It was good, although perhaps not as satisfying as it could’ve been. Apparently the players were new to playing with each other (2 new members) – so perhaps that’s why it didn’t ‘gel’ as well.

Sunday – nothing much.

And now I’m back in Harvard.

Thanks to Malcolm’s family for letting me stay at their house the weekend!

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