Okay – My site has kinda died I guess. I was just too busy over the last month to post anything substantial – and for whatever reason it is, I somehow didn’t want to just post something short and random – but since I don’t have the time for something big, it will have to be short and random!

So, short and random.

First term is finally over and now we are into the second term. CS50 Final Project was rewarding, after the 160hrs (give or take 10hrs) of work. It’s february and it still hasn’t snowed. The winter has been very odd, one day being as warm as summer, the next day plunging down into icy depths. Both the highest temperature and lowest temperature records were set!

Studies are basically going okay (I hope).

I am off to New Hampshire for the next 2 days for CF Retreat!

Met up with my cousin and sister for lunch the other day – finally returned 2 towels to my cousin (Which had somehow found their way into my bag when I came here in September).

Other news? I don’t know. Well, here’s the short and random update which not many people will read. I shall randomly update again soon!

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