Grace Abundant – The Album!

It’s been a long time since I wrote, and I don’t think anyone visits anyway, but

By Me and Simon Yau!


  1. bob teoh says:

    Hi Hoong Earn
    How come I cannot access Grace Abudnant to listen to the tunes?
    Uncle Bob

  2. Dennis Osting says:

    A Blessed Day!

    Ng Hoong Ern,

    I was so really blessed how God works into your life. And it really inspires me to move on, i am a christian working here in the Middle East, and i was so touched by the songs you've made. God is so good that inspite of all the trials and persecutions ived suffered, still He gives me strength to be couraged by these songs you made. I just want to ask your permission if i could make a copy of this album and gave it to some of our brethrns here to give them more inspiration in life through CHRIST OUR LORD. May God bless you always... you could send me an email at my address...

    In Christ,

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