A Fresh Start?

So, maybe I shall try to restart writing a bit. Nothing serious, nothing long, just for fun. I realized that knowing what happened years ago by reading old posts helps a lot! Not that I expect anyone to read anything, but this is more for me.

So, today marks the end of spring break @ Harvard. Back to the joy of having classes, problem sets and midterms, and loving the fact that I have not done any of the work that I should have done.

So, I shall try and write something each time I am at my part time job (UA – User Assistant – Help fix clients computers) and see where things go from there.

So, I shall go to sleep now, because it is late and I am tired.

So, I shall stop using ‘so’ to begin my paragraphs next time.

So, I mean, just “Good night” without the so.

1 thought on “A Fresh Start?”

  1. start writing again!!!! you’d better!!! nice work on the album. i enjoyed listening to a couple of tracks whilst writing my essay! hope you are well…. keep smiling xxx

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