Pidgin plugin – Left conversation notifications

If you’ve been irritated that pidgin always sends those pesky ‘left conversation’ notifications to your buddies (e.g. they complain that you abandoned them when you closed your chat window), this plugin may solve your problem.

Refer back to my post on manually editing and compiling pidgin source code to get rid of the problem for more details on what I did previously.

I decided that the old way was messy, and recompiling all the time didn’t make much sense. So… I decided to write my first pidgin plugin to deal with the problem! Unfortunately I only have my windows computer with me right now, so it’s only win32, but the source should compile on other platforms as well. Contact me if you want the source!

You can download it HERE [leaveconvo_notify.dll, 526KB].

(NOTE: It only works on jabber accounts, e.g. google talk)

Installation steps
Before anything, make sure that you’re running version 2.5.0 of Pidgin or higher.

1) Download the file and place it in your Pidgin plugin folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins). Note: You could try %APPDATA\.purple\plugins folder alternatively.
2) Select Tools > Plugins from the Pidgin menu.
3) In the Plugins window, tick the checkbox for “Left conversation notification”
4) Click “Configure Plugin” and select your preference. (You probably want to uncheck the option)
5) Now you can close those chat windows and not worry about your friends commenting about it!

Yay for Pidgin! Hopefully it works, being my first plugin. Just delete the dll file if something goes wrong!

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