Carrying equipment

Being in the HRAACF Worship Team (called PBJ – Praise Band for Jesus) – we have to carry our equipment almost every week and set it up, and later break it down and carry it back to our storage room.

When you have to carry two 22kg speakers, one in each hand, it can quickly become tiring! I quickly realized that it has all to do with your hand grip – since your arms are just down by your sides – it’s your hands which carry all that weight!

So, what better way to train carrying equipment than [besides carrying equipment..] using… handgrippers? Frankly, I don’t know! I found these: Captains of Crush hand grippers, which seem to do the job nicely! Already, carrying equipment is much easier, after spending over a month with the No. 1 and No. 1.5 grippers!

Happy gripping, and happy carrying equipment!

(Btw, yes, I’ve had to carry equipment from our storage room to my dorm, which is… 915 meters, according to google earth)

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