Mass, I mean, mEss in A minor, er, I mean, Mess in Music Block

The task: Sort out the music in the cupboard of the music rehearsal room (choral music) which was all over the place, unsorted and chucked all over the room. Count EVERY single copy of music and catalogue it according to composer, title, type, edition, ISBN, etc. and put them into seperate numbered boxes to find easier.

So, it was a total mess – because no one had bothered to sort out anything in the past 25yrs.


For a while I wasn’t sure how old I was. But anyway, now I do. 18! (I hope I’m correct!). I thought that today would be a bit of an anti-climax after yesterday’s thing, well, it was definitely MUCH quieter, but just as nice…


Just a note that if you look at the sidebar, there is a new ‘random’ page which leads to some “random” (oh wow!) stuff. Nothing much there at the moment, more to come. [END]