– – Picture of my home studio, August 06

– – Picture of my home studio, September 08

Over the years, I’ve been asked to record certain things for people, or to score something. Most of the stuff listed on this page are to do with Music Technology – mostly with recordings and all. Unless stated, I was the recording technician in the projects. This list are my more recent projects, there are some which I did from 2003-2004, but not listed because they were unarchived / small.

If you want to hear the full recordings that I have done, at better quality, please get in touch with me.

[UNFINISHED: I will slowly add details to the projects which I have done, so you can click on them and find out more details – A few should already be done.]

Date (year/month/day) – Project [If parts of the date do not apply, the number ‘0’ is used]

That is a ‘general’ list of the things which I have recorded – if you want to hear excerpts from them and they are not linked to, just contact me! The list is not exhaustive, there are other projects which I have done here and there which aren’t listed.