2003/12/00 – JY Camp Recordings

What was recorded – Lots of different things – Drums, Guitars (elec, bass, acoustic), keyboard, piano, vocals

Who was recorded – Lots of different people

Time – Over a few days

Place – STM (Seminari Theologi Malaysia) Hall

Equipment – Lots of random stuff – a PA system plugged into a Creative Audigy 2 Platinum Pro

Format – MONO 16bit/44.1kHz

Project Size– 3.09GB


The very first recording project I was involved in properly – JY Camp ’03. I was in the PA team along with my good friend Christopher Leow and a few others. I guess I was pretty inexperienced then. Mono recording whose level was so high it was constantly distorting (this was also due to the lack of peak meters on the mixer, no idea where we were, probably overgaining everything.

So things came out distorted, with a basic quality DAC in the soundcard, a mono sum, lack of experience. But it was through this that I also learnt a lot, so this was an essential part of my recording path!

Sorry, no demo. I can’t bring myself to post it here. If you really want to hear, tell me…

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