2006/03/29 – Hoong Ern A2 Music Recital

What was recorded – A Steinway Grand Piano

Who was recorded – Ng Hoong Ern (piano)

Time – Lunchtime Recital

Place – Old Millfield Music Lodge

Equipment – Edirol WAV/mp3 recorder, Soundcraft Spirit Studio 8 channel mixer, AKG C414B-ULS large-diaphragm condensers mounted as ORTF.

Format – 16bit/44.1kHz

Project Size– 655MB


For the A-Level Music course, examinees either take a composing or a performance pathway. I took the performance pathway, which meant that I had to give a 20-minute long recital. Being a pianist, I naturally decided to play the piano.

Set-up was done by me, although the actual button pushing was done by my teacher Mr. Rhind-Tutt (Since I was on stage!). Microphones were placed, well, something like this (you can’t see very well). Just ignore the person blocking the view (Me!)!

Picture of mic set-up

Yielded a VERY mid-bass heavy result, too ‘warm’ in fact. the DAC chips seem to do weird stuff now and then as well, in that edirol recorder.

Demo1 – Excerpt from Beethoven Piano Sonata Op2 No2 [mp3 192kbps 0:10 236kb]
Demo2 – Excerpt from Debussy’s Prelude X [mp3 192kbps 0:10 236kb]

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