2006/05/14 – Piano & Horn (Edwin Li) – Various recordings

What was recorded – A Steinway Grand Piano and a French Horn

Who was recorded – Ng Hoong Ern (piano) and Edwin Li (horn) – Jeax D’eau (Ravel, solo piano), Piano Sonata in A minor (Mozart), a chinese piece for Piano+Horn

Time – Afternoon

Place – Old Millfield Music Lodge

Equipment – Dell Inspiron 600m laptop with E-MU1616M audio interface, AKG C451B small-diaphragm condenser microphones – set up as an ORTF-pair about 4 metres away from stage.

Format – Stereo WAV 24bit/44.1kHz

Project Size– 0.98GB


A Sunday afternoon – right after submitting my A2 Music Technology coursework – since I had brought all my equipment in, I decided to do some recording for fun. There was some intrusion now and then but things went smoothly on the whole. This was also the 1st time I was recording a French Horn.

Lots of fingernail noise and horn key noises were recorded, though. The room which was empty resonated a lot with the French Horn, which created quite a lot of reverb, although not a nice reverb, to my ears.

Demo1 – Excerpt from Mozart Piano Sonata in A minor [mp3 192kbps 0:10 236kb]

Demo2 – Excerpt from Chinese Piece (piano+horn) [mp3 192kbps 0:10 236kb]

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