2006/08/02 – Piano- Various

What was recorded – A Kawai Upright Grand, Model US-50.

Who was recorded – Ng Hoong Ern (Piano), playing excerpts of Ravel’s Piano Concerto for Left Hand, Ravel’s Jeax D’eau, and Debussy’s Images I, “Reflections in the Water”

Time – Afternoon

Place – Living Room, Ng Hoong Ern’s house.

Equipment – Dell Inspiron 600m laptop with E-MU1616M audio interface, AKG C451B small-diaphragm condenser microphones – set up as an ORTF-pair.

Format – Stereo WAV 24bit/48kHz

Project Size – 669MB


Mics were set up to the left of the piano to capture more of the bass strings (which were weak on this particular piano). Ended up capturing sound of fingers clicking on the keys because of the transient response of the mics and their proximity to the keys. It would have been better if the piano was not positioned right up against the wall.

There was constant interruption of background noise – birds chirping, dogs barking, passing traffic. Also the damper pedal was squeeking slightly. Slight background hum can be heard at high volume levels.

Overall, a decent attempt at recording in a relatively poor environment.

Demo1 – Excerpt from Ravel’s Left Hand Concerto [mp3 128kbps 0:10 157kb]
Demo2 – Excerpt from Debussy’s Images I [mp3 192kbps 0:10 236kb]

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