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Links to some random pages of this site.

Audio Equipment List – A list of the equipment which I own for recording purposes. Also a couple of pictures of my equipment, and some homeaudio stuff I used to have/still have.

A Tribute to Trio Plus One (Trio+1) – A group which existed for a year, from September ’05 – July ’06, represented by Me, Laura Hammonds, Amelia Dowsett and Katy Hebditch. The group I love the most, not just for its music but for how it built me as a person. So, a tribute to its original members!

Music Repertoire – Just a short list of some of the pieces I have learnt. Not a complete list though.

Computer – Some random details on my computer and related equipment.

Music Tech Projects – Summary of the various recording / music technology related projects and tasks which I have done over the years. [UNFINISHED]

“Your theory is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be true.” –Niels Bohr
“Smile, it scares people.” –Katy Hebditch / source unknown