A tribute to Trio Plus One (Trio+1)

If there is one thing in Millfield which kept me going during my brief 2 years at England, I can say for sure that it was the Trio Plus One, also known as Trio+1 if you’re lazy to type, or more boringly, the Millfield Baroque Trio.

It all started in the summer of 2005, when for a concert in the summer term, Me (piano), Katy Hebditch (Recorder) and Amelia Dowsett (Flute) were asked to play (Quantz Trio Sonata in G minor, 1st movement). We were then probably known as the Millfield Baroque Trio (which is not an indecent name, but particularly boring). We basically played the piece and didn’t do anything after that, and the group faded.

Come September 2006 – We were suddenly asked to do something for the Mid-Somerset Music Festival. And a new member entered the group, Laura Hammonds (cello), or more affectionately known to us by various names, mainly as Lowra & Laweriaa. So – here came a conflict – we could not name ourselves the Millfield Quartet, as that was already taken (The string quartet). So, what could we call ourselves? It finally became the Trio Plus One (Quartet minus one didn’t sound as nice).

We played mostly baroque pieces (as the continuo was cello+harpsichord/piano). One particularly interesting moment was our performance at the Millfield Chamber Concert 2006. We were not allowed to play the entire Quantz Sonata, so the four of us went into Mr. Charles’ office and literally got down on our knees, begging him to let us play the entire piece. Well, he obliged after taking a picture of us ‘on our knees’. I have yet to see that picture. The memorable moment in that concert, I can safely imagine, was me starting off the 3rd movement too fast! Well, read about it in that entry.

The other time we played properly as a group was at the Mid-Somerset Music Festival ’06 in which we won one of the classes (very unexpectedly). Go read it. The 2nd movement of the sonata was also used for the GCSE performance unit for Katy & Amelia.

We also played various random pieces, though not to say that many. The group has been broken down into smaller groups for various performances (Such as, Me & Katy – Sammartini Recorder Concerto, Me & Amelia – Bach flute sonata no.1, Me & Laura – well, various things I accompanied her on, Amelia & Katy – GCSE composition, Laura & Amelia – Cello Duets, etc, although those aren’t trio+1 performances)

So why does Trio+1 hold so much meaning for me?

It’s because of the friendships and bonds made while playing – How they would ‘drag’ me off to meals enough of the time, help me in my projects, keep me going in the music block, making a smile on my face, and that is what really matters.

For now, trio+1 has ceased to exist, because one of their members (otherwise known as ME) has run away to the far-off Harvard College, USA. I wish we could have done more, but for the time we had – I’m glad we did what we could! The group now exists as the ‘Kamelia Quartet’, but that is no longer my part, no longer my story to tell. I am sure that the group will be very successful in whatever they do, having amazing players – but that is not my part to tell any more.

I do hope to recreate the trio+1 someday, even if it is just to do some small things.

To the original trio+1 members – Amelia Dowsett (flute), Katy Hebditch (recorder), and continuo – Laura Hammonds (cello) & Me, Ng Hoong Ern (keyboard).

Take care at all times and maintain the spirit of music! Much love from the runaway member! All of you will always have a special place in my heart…

The original TrioPlusOne members
From left to right – Me, Amelia Dowsett, Katy Hebditch, Laura Hammonds.

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